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Audi Inchcape Development Property Photography July 17th 2014 @ 1:32pm

Wallgo were proud to have been asked to photograph the development of this class leading Audi development using our property HDR photography technology. HDR photography is far more capable of capturing detail and colour within developments like this that have very poor lighting especialy where the electric supply has not been connected.  In addition, using our property HDR photography, we do not need to carry around bulky mobile lighting units that could cause a health and safety issue in poorly lit cramped areas of a building site. Whilst HDR imaging can be used to create wonderful and artistic images, it can also provide detailed ‘reference’ images required by both architects and developers.

The new environmentally friendly Audi Centre, which incorporates solar thermal water heating and energy saving LED lighting, will open in August on Dowding Way, next to Fountains Retail Park. The existing Tonbridge Audi Centre will be relocated to this new premium and much larger site.

With the move to Tunbridge Wells comes the opportunity to add to the 70-strong team of Audi experts, all dedicated to serving Audi customers with superior levels of care.

The showroom will provide a premium location in West Kent / East Sussex where visitors can browse Audi’s award-winning range of new and used cars, experience the technologically sophisticated models set to arrive throughout 2014, and purchase and maintain their cars receiving the highest levels of customer service.

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What is HDR photography? What are its benefits?
What is HDR Photography?

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What is HDR photography?


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