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Ashford International Hotel June 22nd 2017 @ 8:51am

Having recently had a great evening at the Ashford International Hotel with Kent Ferrari where I attended their annual summer ball as both a guest and as the official event photographer, I got talking with the lighting company and the hotel staff.

The hotel staff, who were great, made me aware of their desire to promote the fact that the hotel can accommodate vehicles within their conference facilities. In addition, I was impressed with the lighting company, Heselwood AV, with their lighting setup which ultimately made my event photography look better.

This lead up to us all getting together to see how we can help promote each other.

I took the decision to now focus on promoting my photography more, both commercially and on the wedding photography side. Peter Critchell now wants to hire his Ferrari out for weddings, Heselwood AV want to push their services towards the automotive world for events and the Hotel want to promote their ability to accommodate vehicles within their halls.

Thus, we got together to do some test shots using Heselwood’s lighting within the Ashford International Hotel along with Peter's yellow Ferrari F40. The photographic shots were designed to show the space that the Hotel has as well as some basic lighting from Heselwood AV. The Ferrari speaks for itself!

Heselwood AV…

Ashford International Hotel……/ashford-international-hotel

Wallgo Photography…


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