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Kent Ferrari & Guy Portelli - Art Project July 19th 2017 @ 10:41pm

The Idea
A unique automotive inspired ART project created by Peter Critchell of Kent Ferrari and Guy Portelli of BBC Dragons Den fame to raise funds for BBC Children In Need.

The Concept…
A rare, valuable and appreciating ART piece built around a rare Ferrari Dino bonnet with mosaiced hand prints placed there by famous race drivers and celebrities associated with Ferrari.

Who were the first to pledge their hands?
To date we have the hand prints of David Piper, Francesco Balli, Derek Bell MBE and Jody Scheckter with promises from Nick Mason, Tony Brooks and Mike Wilds  as soon as the diary permits.

How do you get to bid on the Bonnet?
We plan to auction the Dino Bonnet at a central location where everyone will be invited to place their bids to own this unique and historic ART piece.

Guy recently completed a Corvette bonnet highlighting the singer Prince and his life and songs.


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