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Kent Ferrari & Guy Portelli Art Project July 30th 2017 @ 4:56pm

UPDATE 30-7-17

Following on from my previoud posts, I am pleased to say that both Derek Bell, famed British racing driver, and Francesco Balli, Director of North Europe Ferrari, have kindly offered their support to this project.

Sculptor Guy Portelli, of BBC Dragons Den fame, has been asked by Peter Critchell, area organiser for Kent Ferrari, to show his work alongside Kent Ferrari at Car Fest South this year.

Peter also asked Guy if he could come up with an ART project as a fund raiser for BBC Children In Need to which Guy came up with the idea of mosaicking a Ferrari bonnet with hand prints of FI drivers and well-known people who own Ferrari's. 

It is an appropriate project as Ferrari celebrate 70 years whilst the Ferrari Owners Club UK also celeberate their 50th anniversary.

Guy will be working on the mosaicking at Car Fest South and North.
David Marsh will get a photograph of each "person" placing their hand on the bonnet and we plan to create a small album with the story.

The book, along with supporting material will be added to a folder to go with the artwork when it goes for auction later in the year - nearer the time of Children in Need. We would approach an art auctioneer such as Bonham’s, Phillips or Christies.

Guy recently created an ART peice based on a Corvette bonnet highlighting the the life and songs of Prince. Please visit David Marsh’s page to see the images he took at the Bentley showroom….…/portelli-meets-lamborghini-bentl…/

We want to auction the Ferrari 206 Dino bonnet it when its finished as a piece of automotive artwork with profits going to Children In Need. Costs are minimal - but the potential to raise funds is high!


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