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Ferrari Racing Days - Event Photography September 23rd 2017 @ 10:52pm

I spent the day with Peter Critchell at Silverstone Circuit photographing the 'Ferrari Racing Days' event.

Peter Critchell is involved in a joint ART project with Guy Portelli,of BBC TVs Dragons Den fame, which is raising funds for BBC Children In Need. Peter Critchell has been approaching well known F1 drivers to have them place their hand prints on a Ferrari 206 Dino bonnet. Guy is then creating the artwork.

Today, Peter Critchell and I managed to get René Arnoux, the famous French F1 driver who competed in 12 Formula One seasons (1978 to 1989). He participated in 165 World Championship Grands Prix (149 starts) winning seven of them, achieving 22 podium finishes and scoring 181 career points, to pledge his hand print.

He was very friendly and did offer other parts of his body to the project. We politely declined as this is a family show!

You can see the video on my facebook pages...


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