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Ross Brawn & H.R. Owen Ferrari October 10th 2017 @ 9:43pm

I met Ross Brawn today which was another great trip to meet a superstar of the F1 motor racing world and to have him place his hand on the automotive art project I have reported on before. Guy Portelli is the automotive artist who is working on this peice. Ross Brawn welcomed us to the F1 Global HQ in Central London to take photographs of Peter Critchell and himself with the Ferrari Dino 206 bonnet. 

Ross Brawn, OBE is a former motorsport engineer and Formula One team principal. Ross Brawn had worked for a number of Formula One teams, serving as the technical director of the winning Benetton and Ferrari teams. Ross took a sabbatical from the sport in 2007 but returned to F1 for the 2008 season as Team Principal of Honda. He was the owner of the Brawn GP team, which acquired the Honda team in early 2009, and won the Formula One Constructors and Drivers Championships in that year.

Whilst at the F1 Global HQ, Ross kindly signed my photo book I took of the official Ferrari F40 images taken at the Silverstone Classic in 2007.

Following our meeting with Ross Brawn, both Peter and I drove over to H.R. Own Ferrari in Old Brompton Road to have a chat about their thoughts on this automotive art piece. 



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