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Shopping Centre Photography October 25th 2017 @ 10:08pm

I have regularly posted information about our HDR photographic services and how HDR photography offers enhanced benefits to our clients over traditional photographic methods.

HDR photography is a photographic technology that involves the taking of multiple high resolution digital photographs of the same scene using different exposures but with minimal or no artificial lighting. Powerful HDR editing software is then used to combine these photographic images to produce just one dynamic HDR photograph. Finally, post production ensures colour, clarity and tone balance is achieved.  

Unlike normal photographic images, each HDR photograph provides an enhanced level of detail, clarity and colour range normally lost under traditional photographic methods. The key to producing a successful HDR photograph is having an in-depth understanding of lighting, exposure, colour and its practical application on various formats.

HDR photography is ideally suited to the development & property industries and specifically for construction work. I have provided a link to a gallery on my website that will show images taken at the Overgate Shopping Centre in Dundee. These will compare the traditional photographic shots against the HDR equivalent.

Shopping Centre photography can be difficult for two reasons, the first being the subtle lighting and the second being so many people walking around. Thus, with this in mind I had to use two photographic styles as HDR photography is fantastic at capturing enhanced colour, detail and depth of field but is not good at capturing moving photographic subjects. Each HDR photograph I take involves seven high definition photographic images that are then mixed together to form just one high dynamic photograph.

However, the areas of each HDR photograph that has moving subjects is then overlaid by the standard hi-def image to ensure there are no nasty ‘motion trails’.

As you will see, HDR photography really packs a punch when shooting night time images.

You can see our other Overgate Centre gallery here:
Overgate HDR Gallery


You will see the small black gallery area on each page. You need to click the two headed arrow to the bottom left of the gallery area. Then press your ‘F11’ key on your keyboard. This will remove all 'menu bars' and provide a 'full screen' viewing experience. Simply press your F11 key to return the screen to normal.

What is HDR photography? What are its benefits?
What is HDR Photography?

Traditional images – V – HDR images
What is HDR photography?


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