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Automotive Photography - Ferraghini Customs January 31st 2018 @ 11:11pm

Ferraghini Custom is a specialist prestige car customisation centre based in Parkwood, Maidstone. From there they offer vehicle wrapping, car paint protection services and numerous other products.

I recently visited their workshops/showrooms to use my HDR photography to photograph their Rolls Royce Wraith that had been wrapped in both black and white. Automotive photography can be great fun especially when photographing supercars of this calibre.

HDR photography allows me to capture a far greater range of colours and detail that traditional photographic methods cannot reach. HDR photography is ideal for automotive photography especially when you are trying to capture the soft sheens that vehicle wrapping provides.

See Ferraghini's website here: Ferraghini Custom


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What is HDR photography? What are its benefits?
What is HDR Photography?

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What is HDR photography?


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