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SLA New Website Design July 10th 2014 @ 12:31am

The Southern Landlords Association (SLA) can trace its roots back to 1974 when a group of landlords in Brighton banded together to represent their views with the local council. Now the same council turns to the association to help formulate its plans. The SLA exists to represent landlords' views at central and local Government; aid landlords to run their businesses properly; keep landlords up to date with appropriate information; negotiate trade discounts; enable and encourage networking. 

The website objectives
The key objective was to create a website that can offer ‘paid for online memberships’ as well as  online documentation and members facilities. This may appear simple but when you consider that the large percentage of the membership do not use e-mail or even credit cards, we had to look at a multi-faceted payment system that also links directly to the SLA’s accounting software with multiple user feedback options and payment confirmations. For example new members may be use credit card, standing order or cheque options to pay for their memberships. What about renewal memberships where exiting members change their payment profiles and payment options?  In addition we had to allow for different levels of membership with varying admin rights and online options like shared documentation and discount schemes.

A key element to this project was the facility to bulk e-mail all members or constrain e-mail sending to certain geographic areas.

There had to be a shared internal diary system for local chambers to amend or update local meeting etc. This would, inturn directly amend the public’s view of the website diary to attend local meetings.

One of the main considerations when being asked to create a website is that of the client’s BRAND. Invariably this has to be changed as all well executed websites becomes the main marketing outlet for commerce. Thus, we redesigned the SLA’s logo and overall BRAND. This would be echoed throughout their advertising and marketing materials.

The Wallgo – SLA  website key benefits
- Full screen images for all photographic areas.
- Bespoke online multi-tiered payment profiles.
- Powerful bulk e-mailing system.
- Online diary system.
- Automated membership renewal and reminders.
- Automatic slideshow creation.
- Automatic image scaling, editing and placement.
- Online shared documents for members to download.
- SEO forms part of the bespoke website structure for each specific area within the website .
- Unique individual SEO options for image upload.
- Full user applied text and image updates.

The story so far
Our website designs and technology won us the ‘Digital Entrepreneur Award’ as ‘Web Developer of the year 2012’for all the above reasons.

We were originally asked by the SLA to move them away from their current static HTML website to a simple interactive data driven platform offering online membership applications. This was achieved back in 2011.

However, their latest website now offers a far greater range of online services with more powerful interaction between the online SLA database and their main accounting systems. In addition, the e-mail system has bene updated to offer a range of bulk e-mailing facilities with bespoke headers etc.

The new website is fully responsive making this service far more available to Landlords who tend to view this type of website form their mobile and tablet devices as they are invariably on the move all the time between properties.

 Take a look at the SLA website
We have included a few links to key areas of the public side of the Nick Cartwright website to demonstrate its features. We have given a brief overview of each link.

When viewing images please use the ‘FULL SCREEN’ mode by clicking on the two headed arrow to the bottom left of the gallery area. Follow this by then hitting your ‘F11’ key on your keyboard.

Home page showing the important attention grabbing information that includes…
-Latest news…
-Latest branch meetings…
-Join us link…

Main meetings page …
-Quick links to all local branch meetings…
-Links to past meetings with PDF docs…
The SLA meetings page

Main documents page …
-Documents listed but only available to members…
The SLA online documents

Main news page …
-Links to all news items…
The SLA News

Join the SLA page…
-A complex set of payments and membership options follows on from here…
The SLA join us



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