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Inchcape's BMW Reading Architectural Photography February 27th 2015 @ 9:22pm

Our automotive photography team provide a unique photographic service called HDR Photography. HDR Photography is a photographic technology that provides far greater image quality, colour, tonal range and clarity than traditional photographic methods can provide.

Not to be confused with HD Photography which is basically high definition imaging that most professional digital cameras provide? HDR Photography goes way beyond HD images.

We are unique in offering our HDR Photographic services and have worked hard in educating a number of leading automotive manufacturers and dealerships about the huge benefits of using our HDR photography. Indeed, many of these automotive organisations have invested millions in developing class leading dealerships and have made extensive use of our HDR Photography for both the on-going construction images and the final showroom photographs for corporate presentations and marketing.

We have been using our HDR photographic techniques to photograph this amazing dealership created by Inchcape for their Cooper BMW/MINI brand. Based in Reading, this has to be the one of the largest BMW/MINI dealerships in the UK.

These recent HDR photographic images show the completed dealership as it was as of October 2015. However, we have been taking HDR images of this development during its construction. These can be viewed via the link below.

The objective of these HDR photographic images is for reference purposes to plot the progress of the development. There has been no attempt to edit out select areas of the images or ‘draw’ in sections to mask unwanted areas. HDR images provide a greater range of colour depth, clarity and detail over traditional photographic methods.

Clearly HDR photography is ideal suited to architectural photography or on-going construction photography.


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What is HDR photography? What are its benefits? What is HDR Photography?

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