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Ferraghini Cars Opens Its Doors! Event Photography May 17th 2015 @ 8:56pm

Our events photography team cover a comprehensive range of event photography services for a wide range of clients around the UK. Our passion is automotive photography and thus we were proud to be invited to cover the event photography for this specific automotive event.

To ensure the very highest quality photographs the team at Wallgo attend all events with a range of Professional Nikon DSLRs including the mighty 36 megapixels full frame Nikon D810 and a range of Pro lenses. All event images are professionally edited by the Wallgo specialists prior to being presented to their clients.

Wallgo offer award winning professional bespoke data driven website packages designed to operate on all PC and mobile devices. For many organisations wishing to promote their BRAND, we can offer professional help and support with regard website design. An integral element to our bespoke website design is the implementation of our photography products. Image is everything and can never be underestimated.

Ferraghini Cars are the new kids on the block offering supercar services from their workshops in Biggin Hill, Kent.

Ferraghini took the decision to rebrand and open their doors to a growing list of super-fast car owners. Their immediate task was to enrol to design and build a new attractive website offering enhanced user interaction and information.

Sunday 17th May saw Ferraghini host their first open day to many new clients. The team from Wallgo were there to offer their support and to take many event photographic images for the new website.

Even the team at Ferraghini were amazed at the attendance and eclectic range of exotic cars that arrived including the might Mercedes SLR772, Ferrari 430 Scuderia, Ferrari 458, Lamborghini Aventador and a £1000,000,00 unique Audi R8 just to mention few!

Lynne and Richard Bull of the official Lamborghini Owners Club attended with many of their members to offer support as well.


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