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The Old Fashion Paint Shop July 8th 2015 @ 9:16pm

Whilst so many leading automotive manufacturers are presenting their work places as almost clinical environments stripping them of all character and interest, there are still those wonderful bastions of typical English workshops stooped in grease, dust and car parts. Yet, from these places emerge some of the finest classic car restoration projects you will ever get to see.

CCR Restoration is such a place where real petrol heads get to smell the paint fumes, oil and grease and get to see their cars being worked on from what look like an explosion in a powder mill right through to the finished project.

We are building a very simple Wordpress site for CCR keeping to a tight budget as they really do not need the full blown data driven website we are well known for producing. The site is currently being developed and will take a few months yet before it can be released. However please take a look…



You will see the small black gallery area on each page. You need to click the two headed arrow to the bottom left of the gallery area. Then press your ‘F11’ key on your keyboard. This will remove all 'menu bars' and provide a 'full screen' viewing experience. Simply press your F11 key to return the screen to normal.

What is HDR photography? What are its benefits?
What is HDR Photography?

Traditional images – V – HDR images
What is HDR photography?


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