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London Classic Car Show 2016 Event Photography February 19th 2016 @ 1:20pm

Our events photography team cover a comprehensive range of event photography services for a wide range of clients around the UK. Our passion is automotive photography and thus we were proud to be invited to cover the event photography for this specific automotive event.

It’s that time of year again where Vintage and Prestige Fine Motor Cars attend the London Classic Car show at the Excel centre, London.

We were there to support them as one of our automotive website clients. Our job was to capture the event for them and update their website.

Vintage & Prestige Cars saw the stand packed with enthusiastic buyers and press men all wanting to know more about Vintage and Prestige Fine Motor cars. Indeed, the stand become so busy, it was heard to attend to everyone’s questions.

Many celebrities joined them on the stand including Brady Walsh of the TV show, The Chase as well Nick Parks from the TV show, The Apprentice.

Peter Critchell of Kent Ferrari graced us with his presence and spent most of the day with us. Both Peter Critchell and David, of Wallgo have a long standing reputation for their antics at this event as the gallery images will show.

David managed to capture many images of Peter with the celebrities that attended the show including Jenson Button, Suzi Perry and Jodie Kidd


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