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Ferrari FF Automotive Photography March 31st 2016 @ 8:17pm

Our automotive photography team provide a unique photographic service called HDR Photography. HDR Photography is a photographic technology that provides far greater image quality, colour, tonal range and clarity than traditional photographic methods can provide.

Not to be confused with HD Photography which is basically high definition imaging that most professional digital cameras provide? HDR Photography goes way beyond HD images.

We are unique in offering our HDR Photographic services and have worked hard in educating a number of leading automotive manufacturers and dealerships about the huge benefits of using our HDR photography. Indeed, many of these automotive organisations have invested millions in developing class leading dealerships and have made extensive use of our HDR Photography for both the on-going construction images and the final showroom photographs for corporate presentations and marketing.

Vintage and Prestige Fine Motor Cars we plan to have us use our HDR Photographic services to publish photographic overviews on selected classic cars they have for sale. The website was designed and built by the team at Wallgo as part of their website design services.

Vintage & Prestige Cars took delivery of their latest Ferrari for sale today. The fabulous Ferrari FF in metallic gun metal grey looked like new, but then it has only covered just 1,000 miles!

The Ferrari FF effectively stood for ‘Ferrari Four’ due to its four seats arrangement and the four wheel drive system. Launched by Ferrari on March 1st 2011, this stunning Ferrari offered a genuine four person Grand Tourer supercar layout.

It was Ferrari's first production four-wheel drive model and was often referred to as a ‘Shooting brake’ model due to its design. At its launch the Ferrari FF was the largest capacity road-going Ferrari engine ever produced in addition to being the world's fastest four-seat automobile.

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