Professional Photographic Services

Innovative display mediums

The Wallgo ORBIS system takes its name from the ‘Latin’ for rotation which best describes this truly flexible system. The Wallgo ORBIS System is a revolutionary solution for dressing your walls with ever changing images. Once a standard framed image is mounted on your wall just how quickly do you become unaware of it? The Wallgo ORBIS System provides you with a high quality magnetic tile based imaging system that enables you to swap your tiles every day, every week or whenever you fancy. Changing your wall displays on a regular basis is a great way to keep your BRAND fresh and in the minds of your clients. 

Ideal applications where regular display changes are necessary… 
Traditional car showrooms. 
Estate Agents. 
Corporate receptions. 
Banking lobbies.

The Wallgo EDURUS system takes its name from the ‘Latin’ for hard. The Wallgo EDURUS system is a range of wall mounted products printed on hard surfaces like Di-Bond, High Grade Acrylic, High Grade Aluminium and even wood. EDURUS is ideal for large areas like showrooms, exhibition halls, reception areas, boardrooms and other locations where large displays are required. Di-Bond is light and rigid with an option of an ‘anti-glare’ surface making it ideal for showrooms or areas with strong lighting. Acrylic surfaces are ideal for the lavish ‘3D’ look and are ideal for low light rooms and ambient lit offices where smaller mounted images are required. 

Ideal applications where large fixed displays are necessary… 
Classic and supercar showrooms. 
Exhibition stands. 
Large office spaces. 
Airport lounges and lobbies. 
Automotive service depots.

The Wallgo TELA system takes its name from the 'Latin for cloth. The Wallgo TELA System is a revolutionary solution for dressing both your walls and floors with ever changing images based around high strength printed textile and durable material based surfaces. The TELA System can be a mobile or fixed double or single sided aluminium frame that can be wall or floor mounted using replaceable printed material images stretched across the bespoke sized frame. 

Ideal applications where mobile displays are necessary…
Exhibition stands. 
Backdrops for both automotive and product photography. 
Exclusion and floor dividing screens. 
Photographic backdrops.

The Wallgo SOLUM system takes its name from the 'Latin for ground or floor. Bringing together the full complement of Wallgo’s display products, the Wallgo SOLUM system offers floor based products like point of sale and information points. The Solum System makes use of the Wallgo ORBIS replaceable magnetic tile system, the Wallgo EDURUS system and the Wallgo TELA replaceable material product. 

Ideal applications where floor displays are required…
Exhibition stands. 
Showroom information points. 
Product explanation points. 
Direction and advice points.