Professional Photographic Services

HD Acrylic Glass

The use of HD Acrylic Glass provides remarkable luminosity and optical depth to all photographic images being mounted on this quality medium whilst also allowing us to accentuate the depth of your images. When combined with our award winning Wallgo HDR photography, you are left with a wall mounted product that encourages people to actually stop and take a longer look at your corporate imaging.

HD Acrylic Glass can be supplied in various formats including, crystal clear ‘UV’ safe glass, tinted and coloured translucent finishes to gently misted effects mimicking the look of etched glass. Where clients require a ‘3D’ style effect we can print direct to the back of the HD Acrylic Glass with both opaque or backlit options.

5, 8, 10mm Crystal clear HD Acrylic Glass
Face mounted with the highest grade fine art adhesive
Diamond & flame polished edges
Hi-definition 12 colour printing
Certified for 100+ years
Supplied in a white presentation box or where required, our installation team will deliver and install
Bespoke sizes up to 3m in length

The HD Acrylic Glass layer protects your picture from harmful UV rays, leaving colour photographs shining for decades to come. HD Acrylic Glass is also much lighter and more robust than standard glass. This makes it easier to hang on the wall and helps to prevent damage. The edges are cut and smoothed using a Wolfram CNC milling machine – precision work in the size of your choice.