Professional Photographic Services

High Grade Aluminium

Many clients who come to Wallgo do so initially for our award winning HDR Photographic services. As you can read under our ‘HDR Photography’ section, HDR offers far greater colour depth, detail and contrast to our images.

As such clients wanting to reflect this high detail through their displays and point of sale products have turned to our Aluminium wall mounts. Printed using the latest in high definition print technology.

Robust, waterproof and scuff resistant, the Wallgo High Grade Aluminium print radiates vibrancy and luminosity creating an eye-catching feature for any board room or commercial space.

Like our Di-Bond wall mounts, our aluminium products are both rigid and light weight allowing large print sizes up to 8x4ft without harming delicate stud work walls.

Ideal for high definition images including, architecture, landscapes and automotive. A contemporary wall piece that sits proud of the wall providing a ‘floating’ appearance Created using a unique aluminium image transfer process. Robust, waterproof and scuff resistant you can choose from four surface finishes for striking results including high gloss, sating, brushed satin and brushed gloss. Bespoke sizes available.