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HDR photography is a technology that involves the taking of multiple high resolution images of the same scene at different exposures with minimal artificial lighting. Powerful HDR software is then used to combine these images to produce just one dynamic HDR photograph.

Unlike normal images, each HDR photographic shot has the benefit of enhancing all of the light and dark tones normally lost under traditional photographic methods.

Architectural photography typically uses a wide angle lens which can distort perspective, this is later corrected in post-production. Wallgo with their HDR Photography takes this a stage further by providing far greater depth in detail, colour and contrast. Wallgo images are offered as both creative and/or corrected perspective final outputs.

A huge benefit to using HDR photography is its ability to capture crisp photographic images in very low light without the necessity for artificial photographic lighting. This is helpful for our commercial clients who require minimal interruption to their working day when having photographic images taken in and around their properties. In reality all we use is a high definition camera and a professional tripod!


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What is HDR photography? What are its benefits?
What is HDR Photography?

Traditional images – V – HDR images
What is HDR photography?


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