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Silverstone Classic Ferrari F40 World Record!

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Our events photography team cover a comprehensive range of event photography services for a wide range of clients around the UK. Our passion is automotive photography and thus we were proud to be invited to cover the event photography for this specific automotive event.

To ensure the very highest quality photographs the team at Wallgo attend all events with a range of Professional Nikon DSLRs including the mighty 36 megapixels full frame Nikon D810 and a range of Pro lenses. All event images are professionally edited by the Wallgo specialists prior to being presented to their clients.

Wallgo were proud to have been the official photographers for the Ferrari Sixtieth Birthday Celebration at Silverstone as well as the official photographers for the Silverstone Classic Ferrari F40 Parades in 2007 and 2012.

The Directors of Wallgo have been involved with the official Ferrari Owners Club of Great Britain for many years and have acted as their official photographers for many Ferrari events. This close relationship has also helped Wallgo win many successful website projects with some of the UK’s leading Ferrari and Supercar specialists.


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