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Our automotive photography team provide a unique photographic service called HDR Photography. HDR Photography is a photographic technology that provides far greater image quality, colour, tonal range and clarity than traditional photographic methods can provide.

Not to be confused with HD Photography which is basically high definition imaging that most professional digital cameras provide? HDR Photography goes way beyond HD images.

We are unique in offering our HDR Photographic services and have worked hard in educating a number of leading automotive manufacturers and dealerships about the huge benefits of using our HDR photography. Indeed, many of these automotive organisations have invested millions in developing class leading dealerships and have made extensive use of our HDR Photography for both the on-going construction images and the final showroom photographs for corporate presentations and marketing.

We have been using HDR photography to shoot many impressive dealerships across the UK from specialist privately owned businesses to UK wide organisations offering multi-brand names.

Imagine trying to capture detailed automotive photographs within a very poorly lit car showroom that often has very contrasting areas of light that traditional photographic methods would be unable to fully capture. You would need to carry around a mobile lighting unit to provide illumination for your photographs. This is a problem area as you would have to struggle with a lot of equipment and multiple staff members to help carry the load whilst trying to avoid the customers and staff.

When engaging the HDR photographic team at Wallgo, all we need is just one tripod, one camera and a single photographer! No mobile lighting rigs, no power packs, no cables and just one person! We present very little obstruction to both staff and customers!

Whilst HDR photography can be used to create wonderful and artistic images, it can also provide detailed ‘reference’ images required by both architects and developers.


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What is HDR photography? What are its benefits?
What is HDR Photography?

Traditional images – V – HDR images
What is HDR photography?


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