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We are unique in offering our HDR Property Photographic services and have worked hard in educating a number of leading property management companies and developers about the huge benefits of using our HDR photography. Indeed, many of these organisations have invested millions in developing class leading shopping centres or buildings and have made extensive use of our HDR Photography for both the on-going construction images and the final promotional photographs for corporate presentations and marketing.

When visiting a modern construction site, you are faced with many dangers that could cause serious injury to a photographic team. Imagine trying to capture a detailed photograph within a very poorly lit building site with no real lighting or power to hand. Using traditional photographic methods you would need to carry around a mobile lighting unit to provide illumination for your photographs. This is a problem area as you would have to struggle with a lot of equipment and multiple staff members to help carry the load whilst trying to avoid the builders and their heavy plant!

When engaging the architectural HDR photographic team at Wallgo, all we need at a location, as described above, is just one tripod, one camera and a single photographer! No mobile lighting rigs, no power packs, no cables and just one person! The same applies to using our HDR photographic services in busy shopping centres or commercial locations; we present very little obstruction to both staff and customers!

Whilst HDR photography can be used to create wonderful and artistic images, it can also provide detailed ‘reference’ images required by architects, surveyors and developers.

Finally, our HDR photography is ideal for both landscape and location images where both detail and impact is a priority. HDR is especially impressive with night time photographs as our gallery will show!


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What is HDR photography? What are its benefits?
What is HDR Photography?

Traditional images – V – HDR images
What is HDR photography?


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