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Might sound unusual but many wedding photographers do not provide commercial or professional photographic services to commercial enterprise? They simply provide wedding images and in fairness many are very good at doing this!

So what makes the photographic team at Wallgo different, and is being different good for you?

As commercial photographers we have to use the very latest and most professional digital camera equipment available. This means that the photographic team at Wallgo have some of the finest high-end digital equipment available. This is a major benefit to a wedding event, for example we can photograph in a poorly lit church without having to use flash, yet still get great photographs. We have a wide selection of Pro lenses capable of providing both ultra-wide angle and telephoto images yet still retaining extreme image quality. Our digital cameras are full frame 36 megapixel models capable of producing extreme quality images.

Our experience is based on a very broad spectrum of photographic work enabling us to go beyond the standard wedding shots and composition. The photographic team at Wallgo have a wide range of post-production skills for creating the perfectly edited images.

Our management skills are perfectly adapted to organising large or stately wedding events.

However, most important is our ability to have fun with the wedding guests and blend in making everyone comfortable with having their images taken.

Our wedding photography services are bespoke so we would ask that we meet you and see how we can create a wedding photographic programme to suit you.


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