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Wallgo offer award winning professional bespoke data driven website packages designed to operate on all PC and mobile devices. For many organisations wishing to promote their BRAND, we can offer professional help and support with regard website design. An integral element to our bespoke website design is the implementation of our photography products. Image is everything and can never be underestimated.

The team at Wallgo Creative have been involved with Foskers Ferrari Services for over twenty years offering both website and photographic services.

Foskers are one of the UKs leading Ferrari specialists and are renowned for their concourse winning work and Ferrari restoration work. As a Ferrari specialist Foskers are well placed for being offered unusual and valuable supercars for either part exchange or as part of the Foskers acquisitions programme.

As with everything Foskers do, they do it right! Thus if Foskers were to supply non Ferrari classic cars, then this had to be done through a dedicated Foskers Classics website.

The Wallgo web team were asked to design a simple website that echoed the existing Foskers corporate theme yet with an obvious contrast to the main website. Despite the simplistic theme, the actual website ‘back-end’ retained the current complex data-drive and responsive capabilities for use on all types of mobile and tablet devices.

Foskers are acutely aware of the current online demands and regulations and thus the new Foskers Classic website had to address the fact that 70% of online viewing is done from tablets and mobile systems.

The Foskers Classic website was not intended to showcase a large volume of vehicles but more to source those really collectable and immaculate classics that the classic car market now demands. For example, vehicles like the Alfa Romeo SZ Sprint Zagato or the Lancia Integrale EVO II.


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