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Guy Portelli Of Dragons Den Fame

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The team at Wallgo have long been friends with Guy Portelli of Dragons Den fame and have often been involved with joint projects with him. As one of the UKs most diverse and prominent artists we were proud that Guy Portelli found huge benefits to using our HDR imaging.

Many of Guys sculptures are made using colourful mosaics with gold plating that can cause issues when using traditional photography. Trying to use studio lights, to enhance the colour of the mosaics, creates horrible reflections across the gold and shiny surfaces. This then forces the traditional photographer to try and use available ambient light which inevitably causes loss of the vibrant colours used within Guys artwork.

Our HDR photography, on the other hand, captures every aspect of Guys artwork from the deep colourful mosaics to the shiny gold surfaces without loss of detail or colour.

This gallery shows a selection of images from a joint photographic project with Guy involving his Pop Icon collection shot against a range of supercars.


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What is HDR photography? What are its benefits?
What is HDR Photography?

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