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Russian Artist - Natalia

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We are often approached my new or small businesses who require a cost effective web presence but cannot afford to look at a fully bespoke data driven responsive site designed to offer scalability with full multi-tiered user interaction.

However, the miss conception that a small business needs to only look at a cheap less effective solution is wrong. If you want any sort of web presence, you still need to adhere to the latest Google and W3C requirements to ensure your site gets ranked and viewed!

A local Russian artist called Natalia was desperate to try and sell her artwork but was having trouble getting exposure to here work. She really needed a strong web presence and one that reflected her artistic flare. She was afraid that she would end up with the typical cheap looking website that made her art look poor.

Thus the team at Wallgo set about creating a bespoke and responsive website that represented a cost effective but reliable solution. The site can quickly be added to at any time and offers a professional fully responsive platform for both tablet and mobile devices to view it on.


you will see the small black gallery area on each page. You need to click the two headed arrow to the bottom left of the gallery area. Then press your ‘F11’ key on your keyboard. This will remove all 'menu bars' and provide a 'full screen' viewing experience. Simply press your F11 key to return the screen to normal.


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