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Wallgo offer award winning professional bespoke data driven website packages designed to operate on all PC and mobile devices. For many organisations wishing to promote their BRAND, we can offer professional help and support with regard website design. An integral element to our bespoke website design is the implementation of our photography products. Image is everything and can never be underestimated.

Step and Learn is a charity dedicated to assist the physical and educational improvements of children with Cerebral Palsy and associated motor difficulties. Our aim, like Andras Peto the Hungarian founder of Conductive Education, is to view the child holistically, educating and motivating the child through play to become active participants throughout their daily lives.

The Directors of Wallgo have long supported Rod Black, the Chairman of this wonderful charity based in Kent. His reputation is second to none when creating and building successful charities supporting Conductive Education.

His concern was that how do you successfully fundraise in a financial climate we find the UK in today where well-meaning organisations need to make their cash count. How do you grow a charity that needs expensive educational equipment that the usual fundraising ‘darts match’ or ‘pub quiz’ although appreciated just cannot deliver the kind of funding required, no matter how well meaning the donators are.

The answer was to actually give something back to the funders that would really help promote their businesses. Wallgo developed a strategy that would use the Internet to help promote the sponsors online and get them found quicker than their own website could do.

The idea was to develop a new charity website that would hit the top of Google under various search parameters and offer ‘mini bespoke websites’ within the main charities website. Every page within the website would have a bottom bar with important information including a link to the main SPONORS page where the funders could be found. Due to experience and the proven track record that Wallgo have in getting their clients to the top of Google, any sponsor placed within the Step and Learn website would be found very quickly. More important is that data-engine that Wallgo built to run this site allows individual SEO when updating data. Thus if a Ferrari garage were to place an add within the site, their information can be ‘KEY WORDED’ to attract anyone searching for say Ferrari services. This would mean that any sponsors could be found directly within the new Step and Learn website in their own right.

In order to attract commercial sponsors the site had to be designed professionally with a strong corporate theme and BRAND. Wallgo, therefore designed a new BRAND and theme with a view to provide the image of well managed and corporate minded charity. This would encourage commercial enterprise to advertise with the charity as the association would benefit them due to the professional image being marketed.

The new website objectives
The key objective was to educate the public about the important conductive education services that Step and Learn offer to the local community. This was achieved through the implementation of our ‘full screen’ imaging for the gallery and news sections. This provided the public with a clear and professional insight to the charities work.  The additional benefit to this was that by regularly updating the news and event section, it kept Google happy and pushed the website to top of the search engines. This in turn would encourage the new sponsors to make donations as their new ‘mini websites’ would get found. EVERYONE wins!

The Wallgo – Step and Learn website key benefits
- Full screen images for all photographic areas.
- Full screen news and events pages.
- Unique ‘mini website’ section with backend admin panel.
- Automatic slideshow creation.
- Automatic image scaling, editing and placement.
- SEO forms part of the bespoke website structure for each specific business.
- Unique individual SEO options for image upload.
- Full user applied text and image updates.
- Full feedback and e-mail capture facilities.

Take a look at the Step and Learn website–
We have included a few links key areas of the public side of the new Foskers website to demonstrate its features. We have given a brief overview of each link.

When viewing images please use the ‘FULL SCREEN’ mode by clicking on the two headed arrow to the bottom left of the gallery area. Follow this by then hitting your ‘F11’ key on your keyboard.

Home page showing the important attention grabbing information that includes…
- Latest news…
- Direct link to Sponsors on every page…
- The bottom bar appears on each page within the website providing important contact information for quick access…
- Direct access to join website as a sponsor…
- Alternating images…

Main Sponsors page …
- Quick links to recently added sponsors…

Sponsors page …
- Four separate sponsors’ pages including individual gallery areas…
 Step And Learn sponsors page

Main news page …
- Quick links to latest news options…
- Large linkable thumbnail images to individual news areas…
- Full screen imaging with manual or automatic slideshow features…
 Step And Learn events


PLEASE SEE OUR GALLERY ‘FULL SCREEN’ VIEWING DETAILS BELOW >> You will see the small black gallery area on each page. You need to click the two headed arrow to the bottom left of the gallery area. Then press your ‘F11’ key on your keyboard. This will remove all 'menu bars' and provide a 'full screen' viewing experience. Simply press your F11 key to return the screen to normal.

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