Professional Photographic Services

Traditional & HDR Photography Services

Image is everything, a slogan that we live by! Indeed, our three key products, website design, displays products and photography are all intrinsically linked through powerful imaging.

As a Creative B2B Service Company, we provide an effective solution to promoting your ‘brand’ through both the ‘cyber world’ and physical applications like print and high quality display items.

The starting point is obtaining high definition images of your products and services which is achieved through both traditional and HDR photography. As an award winning website and photographic organisation, we carry a wide range of professional Canon digital equipment offering the finest cameras and lens available.

The staff at Wallgo have been providing professional photographic services since the early 35mm SLR cameras first appreared and as such have a wealth of experience with both film and digital equipment.

We can deliver a range of photographic services including post production work designed to meet both print and online specifications. Our actual photographic genres cover just about most subjects from event, landscape, social, black and white, reportage, motorsport, studio, commercial and of course our own HDR imaging.

This website was designed to encourage you to call Wallgo to see how we could help you promote your ‘brand’ to a wider or more direct audience. Please call us!