Professional Photographic Services

HDR Photography

HDR photography is a photographic technology that involves the taking of multiple high resolution digital images of the same scene using different exposures but with minimal or no artificial lighting. Powerful HDR editing software is then used to combine these photographic images to produce just one dynamic HDR photograph. Finally, post production ensures colour, clarity and tone balance is achieved.  

Unlike normal photographic images, each HDR photograph provides an enhanced level of detail including all of the light & dark tones, enhanced colour range normally lost under traditional photographic methods and detail. The key to producing a successful HDR photograph is having an in-depth understanding of lighting, exposure colour and its practical application on various formats. Many of the Wallgo staff served their apprenticeships within the colour proofing and print industries and thus, are well placed to produce perfect HDR photographs.

Wallgo has made extensive use of HDR photography for clients who require extreme detail and clarity with a view to enhancing their ‘brand’ to a much higher level.  It does not matter how great your product is, without premium ‘brand’ awareness it could fall short on expectations. Clever ‘brand’ acceptance is achieved through repetition of quality imaging. HDR photography can achieve this.  

Our HDR clients include developers, architects and commercial organisations that require detailed ‘reference’ images for close up progress inspection work. In addition, creative and sales organisations requiring extreme clarity combined with quality and desirability are now looking to Wallgo for our HDR photographic services.


Please see some of our examples using HDR photography

Vintage & Prestige Fine Motor Cars gallery pages using our HDR imaging. This is a website designed and built by Wallgo.

A photographic study using HDR imaging along the Southbank, London
The City of London and Westminster...

Joe Macari Performance Cars, London