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Pre-Wedding Photographs
You may be a traditionalist with a desire to adhere to the more commonly accepted wedding format that so many brides have enjoyed over the years.  

There are, however many people who now look to extend those wonderfully accepted values and pull more memories into their wedding albums with a view to creating a pictorial storyline of their whole wedding adventure.   It is for these people that we offer a full complement of pre-wedding photographic experiences that include…

Engagement party images…
Wedding dress fittings…
Hen night activities…
Stag night parties…
Boudoir images…
Location images…


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If you are unsure what HDR photography is, this link will show you…

Traditional images – V – HDR images…

Pre-Wedding Shoot Planning
For many brides, wedding photography can become an ‘after thought’  having given so much thought to their wedding dress, bridesmaids dresses, makeup and hair, the grooms attire and much more.

For brides who really want to create amazing photographic memories where their wedding dresses, table designs, bridesmaid’s dresses and much more really stand out, you need to involve us right from the start and here are just a few important reasons why…

Colour choice for the marquee or hotel reception areas and even the brides ‘bridesmaid’s dresses.
Imagine investing in a beautiful beige wedding dress only to have your photographs taken against a beige themed background with beige chair covers and so forth.  Will the bride stand out?  We can advise you on the best colour choices to help enhance your final wedding day photographs.


Colour choice for ambient and disco lighting.
Once the correct colour options have been selected for your wedding day, imagine having strong ‘PINK’ lighting effects, for example, overshadowing the key reception areas. It would not matter what colour options you have selected for your dress, table and chair covers, they would all look the same colour under this misplaced lighting selection. We can suggest where to place certain coloured lighting effects that will compliment your whole wedding day theme and enhance your colour options that will help us produce perfectly balanced wedding images.

Location and themed photographs
Most of our wedding work has involved photographs taken at stately homes, plush hotels as well as cathedral or church ceremonies. Under these circumstances brides often want both casual and creative images taken in and around these locations. We are happy to talk directly with these venues to make arrangements for all types of weather and conditions.

Boudoir Photography
Breaking away from the more traditional wedding photographic format, we find many brides wanting to have a pre-wedding ‘photo shoot’ from their actual hotel rooms of their expensive under garments and plush hotel room surroundings as a gift for their new husbands.  This is often to create a lasting memory of an experience that has cost a lot on money and one that hopefully will not be experienced again under these circumstances. Thus, why not capture this experience forever?

This style of photography has to be carefully planned from day one and does form part of our project planning meeting with you.

Why use Wallgo for your wedding images?
As an award winning company who has been providing professional commercial and wedding photographic services for over twenty five years, we do have a wealth of photographic experience that is important when providing you with your wedding photography.  

For example many brides want ‘reportage’ style shots taken from the older newspaper style images of people as they go about their work or activities. Our experience with photographing high profile events involving  Prince Charles, McFly, Gumball Rally, Ferrari shows, many celebrities and much more has given us a real ‘eye’ for capturing the important moment as it happens.

Our fashion and studio work has helped us provide a professional boudoir service where lighting and composition is important.

Most important is the extremely high level of professional digital camera equipment we own and use for our work. Indeed, we use only the professional range of Canon full frame digital cameras as well as the Canon ‘L’ range of lenses regarded by the world press as the finest lenses available. This ensures you get the very best colour, clarity and image quality possible.

What you get from us, albums, photographs etc.
Our key policy is that it’s your wedding, so all the images are yours! We often provide two or more photographers who usually take approximately 2000 images per wedding day event. Our objective is to professionally edit approximately 600 of these images allowing for colour correction, contrast, clarity and composition. In addition we often select key images to convert to black and white shots for you. Finally we then provide all images taken to you on a USB stick with a complete copy set of images ‘downsized’ for use on social networking sites and e-mail use. These ‘downsized’ images upload much quicker for online use.

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