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Our website services

Our services are fully comprehensive and provided to you as a combined package. In short, once you engage Wallgo as your website developers, we undertake every aspect of the project from initial project planning to final upload to the Internet with the applicable ongoing support. With this in mind, we have provided a basic overview of the typical order of work and services included in our website programme…

Item 1 – Hosting
before you can plan any website you need to know the name (URL) of your website and where it will be hosted. This is vital as all our websites are data driven and will require a data link with a secure server platform to grow your website application on. In addition, we will need to know what form of e-mail structure you want to implement and how this will interact with your website and office software.

Our hosted services are based on flexible secure servers with ‘off site’ daily back up procedures designed to protect your data. For example, we have a number of Ferrari garages that have been updating news and sales cars for many years. This expands the size of the website and leaves you with a huge amount of important online information that needs protecting. If the hosted services were to fail with no backup plan in place, then you lose everything. Thus our hosted options have both expandable and secure space allocations designed to keep your website online 24/7 and avoids that horrible ‘404’ error you see when a hosted server is off line.

Item 2 – Project planning – Branding if necessary
Once the hosting is agreed upon we then help you analyse your business with a view to create a website menu system that can accurately reflect the corporate ethos of your organisation. Our objective is to ascertain what make your clients deal with you and then reflect that magic element through the website. SEO is then taken into consideration with regard the page names and website structure.

We know that most people will not read a lot of text so our aim is to implement as many images a possible that tell your story. Text can be discretely hidden through online PDF documents where potential clients can, should they desire, take a more in-depth look at your work and technical details. This keeps a website clean and to the point with your products taking precedence.

Finally project planning to all about delivery of information and our job is to find the best way to achieve this for you.

Where a re-brand is required, we provide a range of logo proofs and the appropriate corporate sales and promotion materials etc.

Item 3 – Design proofs
Following the project planning time and re-brand suggestions we provide a range of calculated proofs for the new ‘BRAND’ and its presentation through the new website.

Item 4 – Product and location photography
We provide all necessary HDR and traditional images where required. These are optimized for online viewing and fast download times.

Item 5 – Project artwork and layout
Website build stage; we provide ongoing proofs and project status notifications. We will meet with the client where necessary to make adjustments as we proceed.

Item 6 – Project presentation
Once the website is at a stage where it could go live, we upload it to one of our ‘testing’ servers for our clients to view and make final changes. Following this we then launch the website.

Item 7 – Website service support plan
Once the website is live we offer a two month period where all minor changes and ’bugs’ are fixed. Following this we can discuss what level of support you require from wallgo. We can provide full image and text updates including social media support or just our obligatory security and ‘patching’ service necessary to maintain security updates and system checking.

This is a buzz word that is thrown around by just about every websites developer in the industry. What is it really? SEO, Search Engine Optimisation, is a vital design element in getting your website found through major search engines. Many companies spend thousands on this and to a point, it is worth the investment. However, we have a reputation for building websites that have a high degree of ‘inbuilt’ SEO that does not need an outside optimisation specialist charging you for their work. Indeed, just about every website we have built is at the top of Google with no additional expense being paid for external SEO by our clients. Our job is to train you on how to optimise your text and image updates using ‘key words’ that Google now demands if your website is to be found! We must point out that there are some very helpful ways of getting your site noticed through the search engines and we can discuss these with  you.

B2B Creative Solutions
As mentioned, Wallgo is a creative consultancy who provide commercial online solutions and our ethos is built around ‘person-to-person’ communication. With this in mind our objective, through this website, is to encourage you to call us.