Professional Photographic Services

Project Management

Our services are fully comprehensive and can be provided as a total solution. In short, once you engage Wallgo as your website developers, we undertake every aspect of the project from initial project planning, design, build, photography, graphic design to final upload to the Internet. After the ‘go live’ we can provide you with on-going support and promotional services. With this in mind, we have provided a basic overview of the typical works and services included in our website programme…


Item 1 – Who Are You?
Wallgo need to get to know you… What do you do? What is your history? What is your company ethos and mission statement? What are you looking to achieve? What are your target markets? Who is your competition?

We want to present your company and define your online image based on as much information as possible.

Item 2 – What Is The Purpose Of Your Website?
A crucial question; WHAT IS YOUR WEBSITE FOR? Are you just looking to promote your company with an online brochure, are you selling products or a service? Do you want to be a social hub, a data resource...?

Before we can build any website we need to understand how it will be used, this will define the technology we need to use to drive it, how it is hosted and how it is managed and promoted.

Item 3 – Content
So, we know who you are and what you want to achieve... Now we need to decide ‘Do we currently have what we need to present the website in the way it is intended to be used’? Information, images, functionality... Can we achieve the goal with what we currently have? There is a very strong chance this area will fall short but by gathering as much resource as we can will help us on our way.

Item 4 – Identity And Branding
How are we going to apply your corporate image? A theme, logos, branding, colour schemes... this may be an extension of your existing brand or a totally new and fresh identity.

Item 5 – Filling In The Gaps
We are sure to have a shortfall of required data and images so we need to look at how we will fill the gaps - stock or commissioned images, copy, content, multimedia, downloads graphics/art work and branding.

Item 6 – Hosting
Now we know what your website needs to do it is imperative that we ensure the correct hosting platform. Your existing provider may be suitable but this is not true in every case. If hosting needs to be changed Wallgo will manage this process for you ensuring that the transition is seamless with no interruptions to web and email services.


Item 1 – Design proofs 
Following the project planning time and any re-brand requirements we provide a range of proofs for final approval.

Item 2 – Project Rollout 
Wallgo will provide on-going updates as the development progresses as well as hold meetings where necessary to discuss progress and any potential changes and new ideas.

Item 3 – Product and location photography 
Wallgo will provide all necessary HDR and traditional images where required. These are optimized for online viewing and fast download times. Hi resolution images will also be available for printed media.

Item 4 – Project presentation
When the website is at its ‘go live’ stage we upload it to one of our test servers for our clients to view and pass final approval. Following sign off we transfer the site to its permanent hosting platform where it will be live for public viewing.

Item 5 – Website service support plan
Once the website is live we offer a two month period for minor alterations and debugging if required. During this period we can discuss what level of on-going support you require from Wallgo. You can opt for a standard maintenance package for software patching or we can tool at a retainer contract where for a fixed cost we can provide anything from full image and text updates, social media support, digital marketing to website promotion.

Item 6 – Website Promotion
Without correct marketing and promotion of your website it will be very difficult for prospective clients to find you, and if people can’t find you they can’t invest in your business, its products and its services.

You have heard the phrases Search-Engine-Optimisation, Pay-Per-Click, Cost-Per-Click, Ad-Words, Sponsored-Links... But what do they really mean? How do they work? More importantly... what can they do for you?

We can de-mystify the 'tech-talk' and offer you clear understanding on how to efficiently promote your business online.

Allowing Wallgo to manage your online profile using various promotional techniques will ensure quality traffic to your site.