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WallgoWeb Screencasts

Below are screencasts of our award winning website database management system which will take you through some of its features.

WallgoWeb - Add a News Article

Our bespoke website management platform, WallgoWeb, is a very powerful but simple to use system which allows for seamless management of website data and media content. With many available modules to use

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WallgoWeb - Fullscreen Imaging

The fullscreen imaging functionality of the WallgoWeb system allows you to upload multiple high quality imagery and create a gallery with ease. The gallery can then be viewed in stunning detail using

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WallgoWeb - User Privileges

Setting individual user privileges is so simple in the WallgoWeb adminisration system. Create a user and check which privileges you wish to have for the user and the interface will automatically select

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WallgoWeb - Feedback

The centralised feedback manager is a tool which allows you to view and manage all feedback form data recieved through user interaction on your website.

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